Welcome to the WHO#203 Faculty of Nursing Chiang Mai University
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Greetings from the Director

Dean and Professor
Faculty of Nursing, Chiang Mai University
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The Faculty of Nursing, Chiang Mai University is proud to have been designated
a WHO Collaborating Center for Nursing and Midwifery Development. The designation
indicates that we are a nursing education institution of international reputation,
that our school is strong in areas of quality, research and services, and that we hold
a position of leadership in nursing and midwifery development.

The two criteria which the World Health Organization (WHO) uses in the selection
of institution as collaborating centers are “scientific and technical standing” at national
and international levels, and a high “quality of scientific and technical
leadership” in nursing. The fact that the Faculty of Nursing, Chiang Mai University
fulfils these criteria is a tribute to the hard work and scholarship of the faculty
throughout the years.

As a collaborating center we have undertaken many workshops and training courses
to strengthen human capacity building, we have developed clinical practice guidelines
while promoting and encouraging evidence-based practice in nursing, and our faculty
members have been selected by WHO to be consultants in a variety of areas for institutions
and government agencies within Thailand and the south-east Asia region.

We are honoured to have been re-designated as the WHO CC for Nursing
and Midwifery Development for a further term and our terms of reference have been further
developed to include additional objectives. We will continue to serve as a resource centre
for research, education and practice in nursing and midwifery. Moreover, we will conduct
systematic reviews and analysis of the research literature in nursing and midwifery.
The center will document and disseminate best practices in nursing and midwifery services
and education, and promote utilization of best practice through formal educational
programmes and training. Furthermore, the center will strive to strengthen capacity
of nurses and midwives in administration and management.

Every year our WHO CC advances and we will continue to strive and provide
quality services in our quest as an effective resource center. As we are all aware,
a collaborating center is “an institution designated by the WHO Director-General
to form part of an international collaborative network carrying out activities
of the organization’s program at all levels.” We are proud to be a member
of such a network, and look forward to working with other WHO CCs around
the world for the advancement of nursing and midwifery worldwide,
and subsequent benefit to all people.


Dr. Wipada Kunaviktikul, DSN, RN. Director,

WHO CC # 203 For Nursing and Midwifery Development